The Problem is The Police

This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for the diehard “Thin Blue Line” crowd.  But, it either exposes their blind sheep-like mentality or their willingness to understand a serious issue going on nation wide.  What is the problem?  The Police, nation wide, are so willing to violate the rights of all Americans.  4 problems with the majority of police, and The People’s solution:

COVID-19 and the recent police shootings and slothfulness in action for justice exposes a SERIOUS problem in America.

1.  Uniform Willingness to Violate Constitutional Rights of The People.

The POLICE enforcement of orders that directly VIOLATE people’s rights is proof #1.  And here is all the proof:

  1. Arrested Pastors, exercising their “freedom of religion”
  2. Ticketed worshipers on their holiest of days, Easter; exercising their “freedom of religion” and “the right of the people peaceably to assemble.”
  3. Threatened, with force, to prevent religious gatherings; violating the judicial concept of separation of church and state.
  4. Told religions how they could and could not worship; violating the judicial concept of separation of church and state.
  5. Arrested peaceful protesters; exercising “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
  6. Arrested Private Business owners; violating their right to due process.

There were not isolated incidents, but actions, nation wide, by all sorts of various police departments.

Here comes the first argument, “But not all police agreed with this.  To address that, this “silent minority,” and they are a minority in the law enforcement field, didn’t do anything really.  They just sat back as their fellow, majority, brothers and sisters of the badge, violated people’s rights.  They didn’t help the people, they didn’t prevent their rights from being violated.  They just made some sort of press release and then sat down and stayed quiet.  Point #2, America has a history of oppression, not all Americans were oppressive, but the majority or most active and involved in society were.  That hasn’t changed.  Because now, we look at a profession, The Police, and we see that a majority in the profession, nation wide, do in fact, exert oppression and suppression of civil rights, as proven above.  The silent minority of “good police” are useless and rendered invalid by the majority of their co-workers and “brother’s in arms.”

Here comes a second bootlicking argument, “But their job is dangerous and stressful.  Ya?  Then why don’t we see prison guards killing more inmates?  Why don’t we see more US troops in Afghanistan killing more Afghani citizens?  WHY  DO POLICE KILL MORE US CITIZENS THAN PRISON GUARDS KILL INMATES AND US SOLDIERS KILL AFGHANI CITIZENS.  WHY DO POLICE KILL MORE CITIZENS MORE OFTEN?  If you ask me, and from my own personal experiences, those jobs are more dangerous and stressful.  And I’m not talking about air strikes and unintended consequences.  I’m talking about deliberate targeting, aiming, and pulling the trigger.  And if they can’t mentally handle the stress, they need to be fired or quite before they get someone killed.  Again, there are no excuses.

Do you think these power and control hungry City Mayors, State Governors, and Federal law makers would push for such violations IF THEY KNEW NO ONE WOULD ENFORCE IT?  Of course not.  Jim Crow laws are proof of this point.  Local Police would not defend the rights of African Americans, but instead, would enforce racist laws.  The Federal Government had to come in and FORCE local police to enforce federal laws.  The City Mayors and State Governors would not even try to tell the police to end segregation; someone else had to force them too.

So, knowing The Police WILL enforce their power and control, they give such orders.  And, the “Yes-men” do exactly as they are ordered by The powerful and controlling, City Mayors, State Governors, and Federal law makers, even if they violate The People’s civil rights.

Now, in recent history, this willingness to violate a person’s rights has gone from African Americans and minorities to just about anyone and everyone.  The zeal for power and control through oppression and forced coercion has encompassed all races and skin tones.

2.  Uniform Perception that Citizens are Potential Criminals.

Police, uniformly, treat citizens of their community as “potential criminals.” and they “detain” the people of their communities to “investigate” them and the situation, for what?  To see if a “potential crime has been committed.”  Okay, fine, no big deal right?  But what happens if an INNOCENT FREE civilian doesn’t want to be “detained” and “investigated” if they are FREE and have more important things to do?  Well, that officer then uses force.  Uses FORCE on a FREE INNOCENT person of the community.  And that is acceptable, prescribed, behavior for law enforcement on innocent people.

If you “look” like a suspect, you are then perceived to “possibly be that very suspect.”

If you have a cell phone in your hand during a confrontation with police, they perceive you to possibly have a gun.

The perception of you, by police, as an innocent free citizen is not of a free innocent citizen…

3.  Uniform Willingness To Kill Citizens Without Hesitation.

This is one of the most disturbing issues that is becoming more clear and open as more and more people are able to expose it through their cell phones and social media.  Police see someone exercising their RIGHT to bear arms, and they get even more willing to kill.

California:  In case you want only claim it is a black issue, here is a young unarmed white kid, 16-year-old Isiah Murrietta-Golding, being shot from behind, in the back of the head: ( (

Richard John Sanchez, with his hands up, unarmed, but intoxicated, was shot around 5 times in the chest.  The police department even prepared a PR video.  The department chief of police wouldn’t even deem this as murder! “Our administrative review process does not make the determination of about whether the officer’s actions were lawful.” Well, that’s comforting… (

And then you have the ultimate problem.  When police THINK they see a GUN, when in fact, there isn’t one; they kill you anyway.  22-year-old Stephon Alonzo Clark was gunned down, over 20 rounds, but, was unarmed.  The officer kept saying “Gun!” like he saw one… but… there was no gun, ever.  Later they came up with the excuse “mistake his cell phone for a gun.” so what, oops? Y’all just kill him?  (

Illinois.  The murder of Laquan McDonald who was just walking through the street with a knife.  Police pull up, point their guns, give him commands, and right as he reacts to their commands, they blast him.  For all we know he could have been about to comply, but they didn’t give him that chance. (

Texas:  Another, non-black shooting of a man, sitting in his car, trying to drive away.  Is that act, of driving away, worthy of being killed?  Should the police have the authority and power to decide if driving away is worthy of death? (

And these “wellness checks” murders is nuts.  A Fort Worth police officer entered into Atatiana Jefferson’s home. He shot and killed her within seconds. She was playing video games with her nephew. A neighbor called a non-emergency number for a wellness check because Atatiana’s door was open late at night. In 2013, Fort Worth police also killed a man in his own garage during a wellness check. The officers were not prosecuted. (

Even the mentally ill aren’t safe around police.  Danny Ray Thomas was in the middle of a mental break down after his wife murdered all his children by drowning them.  He needed an ambulance and help, but, in stead, he got a cop.  He looked lost, confused, crying, even had his pants down around his ankles walking around in the middle of an intersection… so what did the cop do?  Killed him. (

Jordan Edwards, a freshman at Mesquite High School was with some friends were at a party.  They left the party when someone said the police were coming. That is pretty typical at high school parties.  If you were sheltered or lying to yourself, then you may disagree.  So, here they are running to their cars to leave the party before the police show up.  “They heard shots.  No one knows where the shots came from.” so the police came in guns blazing.  So these kids, run to their vehicle and began trying to leave.  Like any teen would.  They heard someone yelling and cussing at them, like teens do.  But then, bam, Jordan Edwards was shot in the forehead by the officer.  Guess what the excuse was?  The vehicle started “backing down the road toward the officers in an aggressive manner.”  So, “aggressive manner” means kill teenagers…

Arizona: Let us never forget the murder of Daniel Shaver, who was gun down in a La Quinta Inn & Suites in Granbury Texas in 2016.  The body camera showed he was OBEYING the officers orders too, and was still killed. (

North Carolina:  Here, another African American, Danquirs Franklin, was following orders of the officer in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, SHOT as he began to comply by pulling out a gun by the barrel and appeared to begin lowering it to the ground when the officer shot him.  His last words were “You told me to…” (

South Carolina:  The shooting of Walter Scott is another one that should get your blood boiling.  Video shows him with his back turned, clearly unarmed, no threat to the officer, yet, we see the officer take a standard firearm read position, take aim, and murder him from behind.(

Florida:  This is another incident that proves that there is a problem WITH POLICE.  Charles Kinsey, was the therapist for an autistic child who was playing in the road when police were called.  The police ordered HIM to lay down with his hands in the air, and his patient was just sitting in the road with a toy truck.  He kept telling his patient to comply and kept telling the officers that his patient was autistic and he was the therapist.  He and his patient were unarmed and He had his hands in the air… when he was shot. (

Colorado: Dion Damon, who was killed by a Denver police officer, was unarmed, but was shot to death by Officer Jeff Motz, a 22-year law-enforcement veteran.  But, of course, the departments use the typical excuses, “he was a suspected of [insert unproven crime here]” and “made a threatening-type of maneuver” WOW, but, he was still… unarmed… lowering one hand to scratching my nose, while unarmed, would instill so much fear in the police that they would instantly feel the need to murder me?  (

Minnesota:  The murder of George Floyd, who was not resisting the police but moving trying to breath as he cried out for 7 minutes that he couldn’t breath and that they were killing him… he then died as the knee remained to his neck.  (

Around 1,000 people are killed by police every year!  Now, granted, some are justified in that the person attacking the officer had a weapon or fought for the officers’ weapon.  But, as proven above, NOT all of them are justified, and they ARE nation wide!

I am tired of all seeing all these murders by Police.  I’m done.  Do your own research and check out:


4.  The Willful Slothfulness and Protection of Officers Who Murder.

Throughout the country, police departments are extremely slow in determining if one of their police officers will be charged with Murder… BUT ARE VERY QUICK to charge Citizens of their community with murder.  This protection of their own and obstruction of justice is even extended to friends and the powerful in the community too.  The MURDER of Ahmaud Arbery is the most recent example of this.  Why did it take MONTHS for the department to bring charges.  Was it only after public pressure when the gruesome video was released?  The departments pathetic excuse was some “citizens arrest law” that requires them to have witnessed a crime or have immediate knowledge that, that person committed the crime.  They do not meet those elements, clear as day.  So why the wait?  Protection and obstruction to buy their friends time to prepare a defense…  In case you think this wasn’t a murder, but some form of “self-defense,” here, watch the video, as many times as you need, wake up.


A side note.  People claim these “citizen arrest laws” as relics of the past and seek to give all that power only to the police… but… the police are the problem… anyways, back to the real issue.

In the Stephon Clark murder, HTF can they NOT file charges?  Unarmed person was killed who was NOT physically assaulting or showing aggression toward any of the offices who pumped him full of lead!  And the feds won’t do anything either!  What a useless system.  ( (

The shittiness of Chicago Police Department and their piss poor efforts in the Laquan McDonald‘s murder is another pathetic example.

The murder of George Floyd is another example.  Killed.  Dead.  On video.  An any normal person would have been arrested on the spot!  But, these guys, nope, just relaxing at home eating Cheezits while the community grieves.  These guys have still not been charged of ANYTHING despite the video above.  Disgrace.  They even sat on his neck for minutes after the had gone unconscious!  WHY?  His lights were out?  Why the continued use of force?

How much proof do I need from around the country, with all sorts of police departments from different states before you see that there ARE common problems????

So, what’s the solution?

What The People Should Do:

Stop doing these vain useless protests and rallies at city hall.  DO THEM AT THE DOOR STEPS OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE AND IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS OF THE OFFICERS THAT MURDER.

And if there are any protests and rallies close to you, ATTEND!  PHYSICALLY SUPPORT IT!

ANY AND ALL interactions with police, record it!  You see something going on across the street, record it!  Facebook Instagram LIVE it!  Then, tell the police you are so they know they are going to be watched by the nation if anything happens.

If you see a live feed of an interaction with police, SHARE IT!

Convictions are coming as a result of videos.

And stop voting for Big Government politicians, locally and state, you morons!  Those politicians LOVE their oppressive arm of enforcement: the police.  If you support Big Government politicians and advocate for more government control; you are part of the problem too.  Because you ARE indirectly supporting the power, control, and enforcement of the police through the politicians you vote for.

As more and more murderous prone Police are incarcerated, this should change the culture of the police and the mentality of how to interact with the public.

What The People Should Demand:

Maybe impose some kind of State wide Rules of Engagement for all state police departments.  These departments suck up tax dollars and are an arm of the government, why not better regulate it by holding them to their own higher standard.

Raise the standards, training, and testing for WHEN to use deadly force and WHEN NOT TO.  Combined with more regular and more detailed mental evaluations.  Failures of these should be laid off or given a job that does not require the use of a firearm.  Maybe increase the hand-to-hand combative training and reduce the amount of officers with lethal weapons.

It is time, as citizens and members of that community, to POLICE THE POLICE.  LIKE:

The solution is to FORCE change in the police culture and remind them what they have lost, that they WORK FOR THE PEOPLE, they SERVE the people of their communities, not the oppression of the state.  The government, clearly isn’t going to change their culture, they like having their attack dogs being sicked on the citizens when they impose unconstitutional orders.

We are going to upset, maybe even alienate some of the right for this, but hey, we are for LIFE and FREEDOM that transcends political ideologies! We are not loyal to anyone party, and we do not only hold conservative views.  #PoliceThePolice








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