200px-Personhood-iconThis is a very basic concept.  It is your HUMAN RIGHT TO LIVE.  And when you are unable to defend your own right to live, everyone else must defend it simply because it is inherent in all people.  But why?  Why is it a inherent inalienable right to life?  Welp, first off all, if we all died, there would be no human race… that’s a big deal.  Since life is necessary to continue the existence of the human race; life is extremely important.  But what about genocide, euthanasia, ethnic cleansing, eugenics, abortion, and capital punishment?  If the human did not contain some kind of inherent value, why would there be any moral argument against any of those?

If you notice, all those contain something similar.  One human (or a collective) decides what is an except-able killing of another human.  Now in all those, there are two things that can distinguish them.  They are either willing or unwilling by the subject unrelated to the authority.  For example:  Genocide, ethnic cleansing and abortion do NOT have the consent of the subjecting being killed, the subject is unwillingly killed.  While euthanasia and capital punishment has consent either directly or indirectly.  Eugenics has been done with both willing and unwilling subjects.  Why does that matter?  Justice and LIFE.  That is why it matters.

Why is Genocide wrong?  This seems like a no brainier.  But when we look at what defines this act, we begin to see how some begin to muddy the water a little bit.

“The deliberate killing of a large group of people”

Hum, the decision and empowerment to end the life of unwilling people… that strangely sounds a lot like abortion and ethnic cleansing.  How then is abortion and ethnic cleansing okay, while genocide is wrong and immoral?  It is always easier when you de-humanize humans.  Instead of calling a developing person- a person, or baby, replace person or baby with emotionless medical terms such as ‘fetus’.  Change the word ‘killing’ to ‘induced miscarriage’.  Boom there you go, you have the emotionless medical procedure of inducing a miscarriage of a fetus… see, no more humanistic traits and feelings involved.  But what does all this STILL MEAN?  A HUMAN being is being killed…  different words, SAME MEANING.

Why is a ‘fetus’ not a ‘person’?  again, here we go where some people purposefully muddy the water.  They will use the argument of how the fetus looks, what organs are developed, what their survive-ability is outside the womb, even the location of the blob of tissue or parasite some how justifies it as something non human (in the womb verses out side of the womb).  I will go through each sad justification one by one to unmuddy the water.

“A fetus doesn’t look like a person, there for it is not a person.”

What about disfigured people with serious birth defects… who are alive and well.. as living… people… They don’t fit YOUR definition what a human should look like… so according to that pathetic logic, they are not human.   Can you imagine what they looked like a fetus as the deformities developed?  Yet, they are people too.  This same logic justified Nazi Germany’s medical testing on all kinds of people with birth defects.  Congrats, you just justified Hilter…

“A fetus is just a parasite that developed into a human”

Only non accredited non biologist say ignorant less than scientific things such as that.  The same people that call Bill Nye, The Science Guy, a real scientist.  To put this plainly, a fetus, from the moment of conception is human.  The sperm and egg are human.  The DNA from day zero is human.  A fetus, is a human.

“A fetus is not a person because it is not fully developed.”

You were not fully developed until the age of 18-27 years old… This logic then means that 8 year olds are not a person.  12 year olds are not a person.  15 year olds are not a person…

“A fetus is not a person because they can not survive on their own.”

A 1 year old, left alone, could not survive on their own.  A 2 year old, left alone, could not survive on their own.  When you were 5 years old, without the help of your parents, family, friends, and community, you could not survive on your own.  With this logic, no one is really human until they move out of their parents basement and learn to farm and hunt…  until they, they are dependent on someone for something to survive…

“A Fetus is not a person until they are born.”

So, as the head of the baby is exiting the birth canal of the mother… it is still not a person?  As the head enters the world, yet the torso is still in the womb, is only half the fetus a person?  2 minutes and 23.567 seconds prior to breaching the birth canal, they were not a person?  So in the split trillionths of a millisecond something magical happens which transforms the fetus into a person prior to breaching the birth canal?  The argument of location for abortion is pathetic.  It then must go to the development and survive-ability of the fetus argument, which, above, is equally pathetic.

“The Fetus is conceived by rape.”

This argument is some how justified; while a fetus conceived by one night stand consenting adults at a keg party in college some how does not justify abortion.  A moral argument to justify abortion is the ultimate form of hypocrisy.  It is equally immoral to justify abortion because the fetus will hinder your career- that’s called selfishness and child sacrifice.  There is no moral argument to justify killing a person who can not defend themselves and any moral argument is easily confronted with moral hypocrisy.  Is it the fetu’s fault they were conceived?  Is the fetus infected with morallessness due to the rape?  Jesse Jackson, Fredrick Douglass, James Robinson, Faith Daniels and many others were conceived by rape.  So what?  Did they deserve not to live?

“Scientist determine when a fetus becomes a person.”

You mean the same scientific method used to justified slavery, atheism, immunizations that caused autism, science, that which is not perfect, ever changing.  Statisticians how shown that scientific findings are wrong, a lot [1].  Another question is do you really want a naturally bias, politically involved, imperfect human deciding what a person is and is not?  If you do, congrats, you just justified Hitler again.  He and his scientist decided what does and does not constitute a valuable person.  And arguing that any person can define personhood, supports the future Hitlers.  This gets us back to the inherent inalienable thing that which defines us, universally and transcendent value.

Even moronic hardcore leftist cooks believe in some kind of universal transcendent human rights… if not, how else could they make an argument and fight for a right that is just arbitrary applied by the governments of that time in history.  How can you say slavery is wrong or that genocide is wrong when it was legal, and is still legal in some countries, backed by the scientists of their day?

Since all those arguments for aborting a fetus fail to justify how it is not killing a person, we can then deduce that a fetus is in fact a person; but what support is there aside from logic and reasoning that support a fetus being a person?

Is this question for real?  When two humans come together and one of the humans becomes impregnated; are they pregnant with a horse?  How about a fish?  How about a cat or dog?  NO THEY ARE PREGNANT WITH A HUMAN FETUS.  Now, is that HUMAN fetus just another developing organ within the impregnated human?  NO, the fetus has his OWN DNA!  [2].  The fetus develops its own blood-type, heart, heart beat, circulatory system, and organs separate from the host [3].  Fetus actually has their own dreams [4] and can feel their own pain as early as 20 weeks after conception! [5]

So here we have a HUMAN fetus, with their own DNA, heart beat, blood-type, organs, that is dreaming, can get stressed and feel pain that depends on the host for protection and nutrition.  Ha, interesting, sounds exactly like a 5 year old, or an antifa nut job who still lives in their parents basement…  The point is, there is really no difference between a human fetus and a person.

So let us just admit already what is in fact universally true:  A Fetus IS A PERSON.

We talk about “a fetus” as if it is NOT A HUMAN.  That’s just like me introducing my spouse as “this is a human”.  My spouse has more meaning than just being a human.  My spouse is an amazing PERSON.

Oh no, but if we admit to this, than we give the fetus their HUMAN RIGHTS… like RIGHT TO LIFE.  We are obligated to seek justice FOR the little persons.  We have a duty to defend the life of these little people!

Currently, AMERICA is killing preborn persons legally.  By definition, this is genocide.

Those who support the genocide of preborn persons do it for a couple of pathetic reasons:  (1) They themselves have had an abortion or (2) They would rather be on good terms with their family and friends and support them than defend the life of a little person.  EITHER WAY,  no matter the reason for support, it WILL ALWAYS LEAD down the road of SELFISHNESS at the cost of defenseless innocent Human life… Congrats, abortion supporters, you and Hitler agree on something in the sphere of morality.  SMH

“Having the baby will ruin my career”

That is the most selfish self idolatry argument any person could ever make.  Willing and desire to sacrifice and kill an innocent defenseless life to further your career…

“Not ready to be a parent”

So you are ready to practice making babies and risk actually becoming a parent.  Btw, once the baby is conceived, you are already a parent.  The willingness and desire to kill your own child and innocent defenseless life reveals what kind of parent you already are.  Better check your moral compass.

“I don’t want to raise my child in poverty”

By this logic, it is okay to kill poor people because wealth determines the value of someone’s life?  Why do wealthy people commit suicide if their life is so much better with all their wealth?  Is that how you are going to raise your next non-aborted child, that their value in life is based on their wealth and that you allowed them to live because you were making X amount of income?  Congrats, you are moral-less and superficial.

People will ask why does it seem that we are being so hard on Pro-abortion advocates and people who sought, seek, and had abortions.  Welp, because, LIFE MATTERS.   Advocating for the LIFE of the innocent defenseless person is far greater than the hurt feelings of the selfish parent.  World Wide, since 1980, there has been an estimated 1.4 BILLION abortions! [6]  In the time it took for you to read this actual sentence, another 7 babies were just killed.  Silencing abortion abolitionist just allows for more killing of babies.  Allows for more people to violate the human rights of the unborn.  In the time it took for someone to tell us how this hurts peoples feelings, 10 to 20 more babies were killed…

Think of all the woman who could have been born to help change the world.  Think of all the African Americans who could have been born to fight racism and injustice world wide!  Think about all the world leaders that could have been born to bring about greater peace world wide.  But I guess, women, African Americans, or any person, don’t have rights in the womb.  About 18 MILLION African American’s have been aborted since 1973 in the US alone.  If all those lives were saved, think of how much more change 18 Million people could bring!

Fight abortion, defend the innocent defenseless people!


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