The Silent Help The Corrupt

silence is consentWhen we speak to our neighbors and coworkers we seen that this nation is not like the news media and politicians claim it is. But, you wouldn’t know that if you weren’t involved in your community and only lived in your safe bubble with only those who agree with you.

Being uninvolved and silent about injustice and constitutional issues benefits those who, in the name of “justice” slowly erode your constitutional rights.

They are emboldened by your inaction and feed off your silence. They feel righteous because you are too cowardly or selfish to speak out and challenge their ideals.

Politicians do as they please because they aren’t actually held accountable for constitutional erosion. Businesses make so much money off the inaction and empathy that they can force their constitutional infractions without repercussions.

Over time, inaction and willing carelessness allows for educational indoctrination of “acceptable” constitutional limitations and in turn, these indoctrinated children grow up and become the business owners, CEOs, politicians, judges, journalist, and educators who continue the slow progressing erosion of our constitutional rights.

All stemming from the silent parents and patriots who chose not to act and speak out.

Political action in this Republic is not only a right but is A DUTY to truly maintain genuine freedom, conditional rights, and justice for all.

Are you silently helping the erosion of life, liberty, and pursue of happiness because your selfishly complacent, comfortable, and cowardly?

In the end, we cant blame law makers, business owners, CEOs, politicians, judges, journalist, and educators for limiting our rights; but only those who empowered them… We The People.

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