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10 Steps to Refresh the Tree of Liberty.  COVID-19 did us a favor.  It exposed the power hungry tyrants all over the country that are more risky than a contagious flu-like virus with an average 0.66% mortality rate.  Power hungry tyrant governments have killed more of its own citizens than the Coronavirus could ever dream of.  But, it also revealed how FEW true freedom loving people there really are.  It did however separate the few from the fakes.  Now, its time to begin networking with the few and become many.

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Start observing your friends and families members posts on social media.  Are they openly supportive and advocate for freedom and liberty?


Screenshot_2020-04-19 https us-browse startpage com(1)Do those friends and or family members participate in local rallies, protests?  Are they involved in the community and do volunteer work or attend city counsel meetings?  If not, as long as they are open about their Patriotism, #2 can come later.


Now that you have some idea of a more reliable network of Patriots in your personal circle; it’s time to reach out and expand that network.


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Closed Facebook Groups offer non-private ways to meet other outspoken patriots.  Meetup.com has actual groups that meet up, in person.  Check out and contact Tea Party Patriots site as well.  Oath KeepersThree Percenters,  Search for organizations that actually go out into the public and engage, that are active and involved.  Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Liberty are very active in college campuses.  Make some new contacts and networks.


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Find events in your area.  Make plans to attend.  Communicate with your local network and get them involved.  At those events, make more contacts and expand your network.


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Now that you have a group of Patriots making your presence felt in your area through event attendance, volunteer work, and attending county, city, and state public meetings; consider officially consolidating and forming a named, unofficial, group.


After you have a solid local network of active Patriots, future plans need to be discussed so that everyone is on the same page.  This also will separate those who just support in words and peaceful demonstrations, and those who will support in serious actions of self defense.

As a representative of your newly formed network group, reach out to other named groups in your state.  Set up regular communication with them.

Identify a “safe house” for your group in case an emergency takes place.

Have a “go-bag” prepared for a moments notice when someone in your group, or another group requests support for self-defense.

Digital Identity and Communications:

Look to use more secure methods of your online presence.  Create a alternate Facebook page, use VPNs, encrypted emails, and encrypted messenger apps.  Use a burner phone and use a GPS emulator.  All these will greatly help your anonymity online and from being tracked, or private discussions from being hacked.  But, just to make it easy, we’ll list everything out:

Internet Search:  Startpage.com
Encrypted Email: Protonmail.com
Web Browser: Tor-browser
VPN:  ProtonVPN
Encrypted Messenger:  Signal
Social Media: Alternate profile.
Burner Number:  Burner app.
Burner Phone: Android, prepaid.
GPS Emulator:  Emulator app.
Currency usage:  Cash

See our Articles Better Than Google and Facebook, Be An Independent, Free, Individual, and Create an Alternate Online Identity

But why is all this necessary?  Google sends data to governments.   Though, they publish a “transparency report,” I doubt they are fully transparent.  Nevertheless, they turn over your data.  So does Facebook, detailed in their “transparency report.”  This is other people’s private information they are sending to the government…

When using Google and Facebook, they have so much more information about you.  Your IP address, which shows where you live, which company you use to access the internet, and exactly what device and software used to access their site.  See for yourself:  here.  THIS is how they can easily identify you.  Location.  Device.  Software.  Account information.  Emails.  Messages.

And all it takes is some county, state, or federal prosecutor to think your some kind of “extremist” and get one single judge to issue a probable cause warrant for your information from Google and Facebook, without you ever knowing.  And bam, they hand all your private information over to the government.

But, you’ve not nothing to hide.  BUT THAT ISN’T THE POINT.  Your individuality, your personal privacy; your freedom FROM a controlling tyrannical government is more important than whether or not you are hiding anything at all.  Okay.  Back to the point.

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Public Voice:  Speak up, publicly, as a group.  Attend city, county, and state meetings.  Email the politicians.  Comment and message them on social media.  Do everything in your power to remain peaceful.  Influence peaceful change.


But, if they ignore and resist your redress of grievances…


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Public Demonstration: Peaceful escalation: Plan, organize, and volunteer for rallies and protests.  Set up equipment, provide order and security, video and monitor all activity.


But, if they still ignore and continue to fail to address your grievances, the communities voice and demonstrations; escalation continues.


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The Court System:  Contact a civil rights firm, and consider seeking legal action.  Contact the ADF, First Liberty, ACLU, Rights and Dissent, First Amendment Coalition, NRAILA, SAF.


When the legislature fails (ex: Jim Crow laws) and the judicial system fails (ex: Separate but equal ruling), We The People are left with no choice but to defy unjust laws and become an inconvenience to the state.  The peaceful protests of the Civil Rights Movement is the starting block of revolution.

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Peaceful Interference:  Plan, organize, and attend public demonstrations that inconvenience the local government.   Interfere with traffic, noise, and peacefully defy the unjust law specifically.  Sit where you are not allowed to sit.  Stand where you are not allowed to stand.  Do what a free person ought to be able to do.


Getting arrested for resisting an unjust law is honorable.  It builds public resentment toward the state.  Video the actions of those who locally enforce these unjust laws and plaster them all over social media.

Set up crowd funding (GoFundMe, Patreon, GoGetFunding, Fundly) to assist persons and families who get arrested to help offset the unjust costs of fighting for what is right and just.  Send donations straight to the individual or family members through Cash App, Zelle, Venmo.

Worst case scenario planning of government oppression needs to be also considered and planned for.  Resources, contacts, and “safe houses” need to be identified.  Encrypted network of communication needs to be established.  The discussion with family and friends within that network of how far and how long they are willing to go needs to be understood.  Because, never forget Proof of What Government Is Capable Of (NSFW)


Screenshot_2020-04-21 9 5-CM-to-Inches-800x416 jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 416 pixels)This is also the point at which most governments, historically, even in America, will begin actively targeting those who are participating in or suspected of planning peaceful interference.  The laws targeting “disturbing the peace, Red Flag laws” and other laws that threaten the state will be enforced excessively.  State of emergency may even be declared, and we all know what the state is willing to enforce (thanks to Covid-19).


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:  Either a long drawn out continuation of 8-9.5, continuously until the government caves and reforms or The RIGHT No One Talks About



Some people will say “Oh, the American I know will never be like that to its own people” but that is the most ignorant thing to believe, because, it has been like this since it began.

Research the history of how the American government treated the black community: State sanctioned Slavery of the 1800s, the Rocksprings lynching of 1910, the Leon brothers lynching in 1915, the Florencio execution in 1918, Jim Crow Laws of the 1900s, the Emmett Till lynching of 1955 and unjust court system, The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, the FBI’s direct hostility against the Civil Rights Movement of 1960s, the wide spread police brutality of the 1990s.

Research the history of how the American government treated the Native American community:  The Trail of Tears of the 1830s, the Sonoita Massacre of 1859, Battle of Little Bighorn of 1870s, The Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890, Pine Ridge Reservation shooting in 1975.

Research the history of how the American government treated Japanese American community: Internment Camps of the 1940s.

Research the history of how the American government treats other citizens who want to be left alone and live free from government infringement:  the New Orleans Lynching of Italian Americans in 1891; Waco siege, TX, in 1993; Ruby Ridge siege in 1992; Sagebrush Rebellion of the 1970s; the Shannon Street Massacre in 1983; the Singer-Swapp Standoff in 1988; the Heemeyer Bulldozer in 2004; The Bundy Standoff in 2014; IRS targeting of conservative groups in 2017.

Even now, we see the death of Epstein [4, 8, 9, 10] and Hillary Clinton’s friends and associates with ties to damaging information were murdered or committed suicide [5, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18], the prosecution of whistleblowers, free speech, and free press through Julian Assange [6] and Edward Snowden [7]; which exposed the governments involvement in illegally spying on citizens and murder of civilians; police targeting Christians who worshiped on their holiest day when the local governments ordered them not to, 2020 [1].  Raleighn Police Department acting against peaceful protests in 2020 [2].  Virginia Governor declares a state of emergency prior to peaceful protests in 2019 [3].

ALL OF THESE, all happened, under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

THESE are what happened when We The People don’t fight for their freedoms.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights is just a piece a paper.

Your FREEDOM, is action, flesh and blood.

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