Too Comfortable to Leave FB? Fine, But Do These Things:

Hey, if you want to continue to use a service that violates people’s rights (kinda like Jim Crow Laws, but for the digital age, and ideology instead of race), than that’s on you. Since you don’t think violating people’s rights on the internet isn’t a big enough deal to act, then, at least, at a minimum, take SOME sort of action, any sort of action, in the name of liberty and freedom; do SOMETHING if anything:

  1. UNFOLLOW mainstream media outlets, yes, even Faux News, if you are following them.
  2. HIDE mainstream media outlets. Just tap the three dots on the top right corner of a post, and then tap “Hide all from…” Don’t “Snooze,” they won’t change their bias in the next 30 days…
  3. REPORT pages and people. NOT to effect them, because FB won’t do anything to them anyway, but this brings up the option to label it as “spam” for your algorithm, and then also gives you the option to BLOCK or UNFOLLOW. Blocking is always better because it stops trash from popping up in your freed if someone else shares it again.

Blocks, Hide, Unfollows, and reports of Spam all play a role in the FB algorithm. It also reduces engagements and views, which also impact the algorithm. Use Facebook’s trash algorithm against the ideology that created it.

Who to take these steps on?

They thrive on how many “engagements” and “follows” they have. Facebook gets paid, by them, for shoving their paid for ads and posts in your face. A drop in “engagements” and “follows” makes them question the ads they pay for. They pay for less ads, Facebook makes less money, and so on.


With this in mind, there is a Settings section that I’m sure you are not aware of. An entire arena of Advertising Settings, that are auto selected for you until you go through it yourself… THIS is their bread and butter, advertising effectiveness. This is also, YOUR power to change their ad effectiveness too.


Access your personal information, EVEN WHEN YOUR NOT ON FACEBOOK! Their app protocols when you install the app on the your phone, force you to grant access to all kinds of things that collected data, even when you are NOT on Facebook and NOT part of the Facebook App.

OR, just delete all that personal information about you off your profile. Even if it is “only me” setting, they can still access it…

Make it difficult for advertisers to get reliable data. Screws with their ad research and can impact how they invest in advertising on Facebook.


Things you CAN do to HELP the few remaining open minded, freedom oriented pages and people:

Tap the “hamburger” menu button, and scroll through “Most Recent” news feed. Better chance of seeing something that was reduced (censored) by Facebook algorithms.

Also, go to your News Feed settings and add a couple freedom minded pages to your priorities, and then unfollow some commie pages.

If you DON’T do these, then you are completely at the mercy of Facebook algorithm that does, in fact, limits YOU from seeing some pages you might enjoy or support. AND at the end of the day, you are hurting freedom on social media instead of supporting it.

Then, you have these people:

“Oh but don’t you support a private business rights too?”

Our follow up question is, Why, do you support private businesses to violate people’s civil/constitutional and human rights?

Defending Facebook’s censorship, is defending businesses that enforced Jim Crow laws… move along hypocrites. Nazis and communists defend suppressing free speech…

“Oh but aren’t you guys still using Facebook?”

Yeah, to reach morons that ask these kinds of pathetic sheeple questions… and to take an active role within the platform to impact it, even in the slightest.

Now, us maintaining a page and profile and NOT taking an active role in combating its anti freedom would make us hypocritical, but, as seen above, we are being active within it to influence some sort of freedom. What are you doing to fight censorship and the violation of civil rights of your friends and family on Facebook?

OR just get off Facebook. Move to,, or… support TRUE FREEDOM AND LIBERTY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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