What Does Freedom Look Like?

This is what freedom looks like:






Each one of those links are to a certain video that is being banned by social media.  I won’t name it here due to search engine page crawlers looking for key words to filter or social media looking to do the same.  I won’t use the video’s title image for the same reasons.  The censorship is real.  This video proved it.  The link was also changed due to the fact the title of the video was also in the link.

The thing is, you don’t have to agree with what is stated in the video.  They may even be wrong; but that’s not the point.  The point is:

People should be free to be wrong.

People should be free to give their views and opinions, that you disagree with.

And yes, LIBERTY and FREEDOM is greater than your own personal health and feelings.

There would not be an America if the Colonialists didn’t risk their own lives for freedom.  If they didn’t sacrifice their livelihood and fight for their freedom.  A lot of patriots died.  They died, and your “free.”  See how it works?

I do want to point out some things:

As reported by The Washington Post, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter have removed the video from their platforms, with explanations that the video provided “unsubstantiated diagnostic advice” or similar language.

The person interviewed IS A DOCTOR AND EXPERT IN THE FIELD and even MORE of an expert than most people in the same field.

Regardless of your views and opinions, she is a doctor and an expert and should NOT be censored.

Download the video.

Share the video.

Support freedom.