Why Does Anyone Need An AR-15?


WTF is it to you?  Why do you need a large SUV instead of a Mini-van?  One could potentially kill more people than the other (and cars do kill more people than guns).  I think YOU should buy something that I feel more comfortable with.  WTF am I to tell you what kind of car you should buy?  WTF are you to tell me how I should protect myself and my family?

Clearly, asking this questions shows IGNORANCE of the purpose of the 2nd Amendment in the first place.  It is NOT a right to hunt.  It is NOT a right to sport shoot.  It is NOT a right collect.  THE purpose that the founding fathers had in mind was this:  to keep the future government in check! and give the citizens the ability to resist any future government if necessary.  All those other benefits contained in the right, like to hunt, sport shoot, and collect came as a result of the inherent RIGHT to protect one self and others against an oppressive government.

Then some of those nimrods will say “militias wont be able to resist the US Federal Government with all their tanks and bigger things that go boomy“.  Clearly, again, these ignorant tools don’t understand why Afghanistan has been such a headache for America for over a decade!  Even Vietnam for that matter.  We can even go farther back, like, the colonist and the greatest most powerful nation on earth at that time; Great Britain.  With the greater, more powerful force, being stopped despite all their bigger guns and bigger boomy thingies.

All these pathetic questions just show that these snowflakes need to read a real history book and not one published by George Soros filled with his leftist revisionist propaganda of one sided false history.  Nothing more than tools and slaves of Soros.  Most don’t even know it, thats the real sad part.

But at the end of the day, most of them just want to CONTROL YOU.  To feel empowered and over power you by doing what ever it takes, cry, temper tantrums, threat, assault, or anything, to HAVE Control and Power over others.  Thats what it comes down to.  To sacrifice freedom for safety.  But who controls or enforces safety?  Who decides what is safe?  They do… after you have already lost your freedom to defend yourself and ensure your own safety.

WHY DOES ANYONE NEED AN AR-15?  Because government is run my humans and humans become corrupted by power and control and that corrupted power and control will always lead to worse things;  just ask the Jews and Germany;  what the Nazi party did was legal and socially acceptable, of course, after they disarmed their citizens with the promise of governmental safety and spilled propaganda for years prior to conducting mass murder; all sanctioned by the ruling government…


Freedom thats why.

Freedom to protect my self and others from anything and anyone including the government.

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