Why Vote?

It seems that only 1/3 to 5/8 of the nation votes.  That means that only 33% or up to 47% of Americans, on average, choose the politicians for the entire nation.  But what if, of those 33-47%, a small fraction of votes were done by non-Americans,  and or Americans who’s votes were submitted AFTER the cut off time?  Voter fraud renders democracy and an elected representation meaningless.  Certain politicians were head strong into fighting what they claimed was ‘foreign interference’ in our elects, i.e. Russian; and how evil it is to allow Russia to influence our elections (hypocrisy #1)…  They highlighted the importance of only allowing AMERICAN Citizens to vote lol.  Irony is also in the fact they are anti colonialism, anti-white man migrating into the Native American’s lands, yet, advocate for the rights of non-citizens to come into America and have the same rights as Americans and influence American elections (hypocrisy #2).

But when there seems to be obvious “Voting Irregularities” that favor that same certain political party or ideology, they think that’s okay, and suddenly they advocate for “undocumented immigrants” should be able to vote.  There is a nationwide effort to allow this [16]

There are all kinds of news outlets and blogs that spew their views about “the myth of voter fraud” and completely ignore what they own politicians are advocating for!  When looking at the facts, we find that those who proclaim ‘the myth of voter fraud‘ are just indoctrinated ideologues that just believe the propaganda they are told.  First lets look at the claim of its existence:

Even news outlets don’t seem to be creditable when it comes to covering voter fraud.  The Washington Post “found” only 31 instances of fraud [3], all the while there are over 1,100 proven by The Heritage Foundation [2]. The Washington Times even published an article stating that “As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election“. [12].  They even reported that it is easy for noncitizens to register to vote [13]

Proven Voter Fraud by NON-US Citizens


For example:  The Daily Caller reported: “George Soros’ PLAN Nevada… and Hillary Clinton targeted Nevada, a swing state, by working with illegal immigrant rights organizations, Harry Reid,  and powerful unions to promote illegal immigrant activation and voter registration. Meet Astrid Silva. Astrid refers to Harry Reid as her abuelito (grandfather), yet in the many years of their close relationship, her powerful abuelito didn’t help her become a citizen.  In 2016, Astrid was a featured speaker at the Democrat National Convention. Astrid, a millennial Dreamer, was now nationally known and publicly tapped by the Hillary campaign to get out the vote in Nevada.”  Hu, so a non-Citizen is used to get out the vote for other non-Citizens to vote?  Virgina even blocks attempts to see if federal voting law has been violated [8].  A legal group even found that over 5,000 non-citizens were registered to vote!  [9]

In Nevada, the State Secretary “cleaned the state voting rolls as “routine maintenance” for the month of October. This routine maintenance removed 36,090 actively registered voters from the voting rolls and of this total, 17,616 were actively registered Democrats voters… Clark County (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Carson City) where many districts can be decided by a handful of votes. President Donald Trump only lost Nevada by 27,000 votes and many of our incumbent Republican legislators lost by less than 1,000 votes.”  These small numbers matter! and directly impact the outcome of elections.


53,000 dead people are registered to vote in Florida… How did they register to vote?
state officials have also said there may be as many as 182,000 registered voters who may not be citizens.” – Who registered these people to vote?  Then, “2,600 immigrants who entered the country legally, but are not U.S. citizens“… who processed their voter registration paperwork?  [1].  Some people were allowed to submit their ballots via email, which is a violation of voting law! [6] Florida’s voter system is a mess [7]


Texas thankfully prosecutes voter fraud.  This past year, a Texas woman in Dallas apparently has been voting for years, even though she is not a citizen.  She even marked on the registration that she was a citizen, only having a green card.  She claims that she did not know she was not a citizen, except, her immigration papers are in Spanish and clearly relay that she is not.  She claimed “I never knew the difference of U.S. citizen and U.S. resident”  Yet, only has a green card, and not a valid social security number.  But her paper trail does not lie.  “She initially marked she was not a U.S. citizen on a voter registration form when she moved from Dallas County to Tarrant County in 2014 and was informed she would not be eligible to vote. When she applied again, she indicated she was a U.S. citizen, according to Paxton’s office.” [4].  Identities are even stolen so that they can vote, according to what happen in Houston. [14]


Voter fraud in California got homeless people on skidrow to register with fake names in exchange for packs of cigarettes [5].  California DMV even had to admit that caused non-citizens to register to vote [10] and enrolled 23,000 voters who could not legallly vote! [11]


There is a lawsuit making its way through the courts alleging that maybe 100,000 votes came from noncitizens! [15]

New Hampshire

People who are not even registered in that state, voted in that state.  So many so that it could have tipped the states to one side over the other [17]

What Can We Conclude?

Those are just a few examples above!  Thus, we can absolutely conclude, emotions aside, that voter fraud DOES EXIST.  But does it exist to the levels that impact the election?  Well, yes!  When some elects are only decided by a mere 1,000 or so votes, yes, they can tip the scale, illegally.  This IS a proven problem!  Immigrants, legal or illegal, SHOULD be scared to vote, because they SHOULD NOT be voting in the first place!  If they vote, they are committing a crime!  They are directly influencing the election of another country they are not a citizen of.

Voter ID laws are NOT racist.  They can’t be.  Because then by that same logic, requiring an ID to by alcohol, purchase a fire arm, enter political rallies (including Democrat), getting a job, and so on, must then also be considered racist too!  The Democratic National Convention required photo IDs for all their delegates! Even the NAACP required a photo ID! LOL (hypocrisy #3) [18]

Voter Laws NEED to be enforced to protect the legitimate democratic Representative elections.  The elected officials represent their local CITIZENS, their constituents, not the citizens of another country.  Faith in the American Representative Democracy needs to be restored.  Strong Voter Law enforcing politicians, local, state, and federal, need to be supported and advocated for.  If foreign nationals want to vote in our elections, they need to obey the current laws, become a citizen, and then use the system to reform the laws as they see fit to elect those who then, as a citizen, represent them.



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